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The United Orpington Club represents the Orpington breed throughout North America. We support a positive atmosphere of learning, growing, and sharing.

The United Orpington Club offers, with yearly membership, the following:
                                -> 4 (four) newsletters packed with information on breeding, raising, showing, etc.
                                -> An Annual Breeder's Directory
                                -> Access to free advertising of your farm on the club website
                                -> Master Breeder & Exhibitor of the Year Program
                                -> Networking with the best breeders of Orpington large fowl and bantam.

Anyone can join the club regardless of what type of Orpington they like, own, or breed: APA, UK, Production, etc.  The UOC is all about the Orpington breed in any form. We promote The Orpington breed and support the Orpington breeder.

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Our Members

Looking for a quality breeder? Our Breeder Directory is updated annually. All current members at time of publication are included in the Alphabetical Listing as well as the Breeder Listing by State.

All Breeder information is provided by the individual member. We do not verify the individual information nor do we attempt to favor one breeder over another. 

We are indebted to our Advertising Members - the Directory, and other club activities,  would not be possible without your generosity!

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