United Orpington Club Constitution

 I. Name & Purpose
     A. The name of the association shall be The United Orpington Club, here-after referred to as the UOC.
     B. The UOC is dedicated to continued improvement of the Orpington breed, through selective breeding, exhibition, and promotion, in both large fowl and bantam.

II. Membership
    A. Individual
    B. Family: spouses and any children under 18 years of age living at home
    C. Junior: under 18 years of age

III. Benefits of Membership
    A. Voting privileges are limited to one vote per Individual membership; two votes for Family membership. Junior memberships have no vote. All members receive a copy of the All-Orp (the quarterly newsletter), and an annual membership breeder list.

IV. Governing Board
    The governing board, here-after referred to as the Board consists of the elected officers (4) and district directors (maximum 12). Each member of the Board has one vote. A quorum consists of a simple majority of positions currently held, since not all directorships are may be active. V. Officers, District Directors and State Representatives           
    A. President shall preside at the annual meeting and any special meetings. He/she shall be an unofficial member of all committees, acting in an advisory capacity. He/she shall also serve as a tiebreaker in event of a voting deadlock. President will appoint, with approval of the Board, vacancies on the Board and national committees.
    B. Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in the event of the President’s inability to serve.
    C. Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping and maintaining all financial and membership records of the UOC. He/she shall be responsible for all official correspondence including but not limited to the All-Orp. He/she shall act as UOC Election Commissioner for all regular and special elections.
    D. Recording Secretary shall assist the Secretary-Treasurer in publication of All-Orp. He/she shall be responsible for gathering, recording and reporting all results from show reports and compiling points program with joint cooperation from UOC District Directors and State Representatives. He/she shall also maintain archives of UOC.
    E. District Directors (12 maximum) Shall place a yearly District Meet and Special Meets. He/she shall maintain open lines of communications with the State Representatives and members of their districts. He/she shall be responsible for providing show results to the Recording Secretary. In the absence of a duly elected State Representative, the District Director may appoint an individual to serve with approval of the Board. District Meets shall be rotated from state to state in the District in order to provide equal opportunity to all members to attend a District Meet. Districts shall coincide with the American Poultry Association.
    F. State Representatives shall place the yearly state meet. He/she shall maintain open lines of communication with the District Director and members of their states.

VI. Terms and Elections
    A. All Board members and state representatives shall serve a two (2) year term.
    B. Elections shall take place in odd numbered years.
    C. Names must be submitted prior to November 15. Write-ins are permitted. All candidates must be members in good standing.
    D. Balloting will remain open November 15 to December 15 with new Board members taking office January 1. Results will be reported in the January All-Orp.

VII. National Meet
    A. Application bids for the UOC National Meet must be submitted in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer. The Board will submit applications to a vote.
    B. No District may host the UOC National Meet two years running. Although preference is given to those areas with a large number of UOC members, meets held in areas with fewer members can/will actively promote membership enrollment an will be considered.     C. The Country shall be divided into three sections, the East (Eastern Time Zone), The West (Mountain and Pacific Time Zone) and Central (Central Time Zone). There shall be one National Meet each year and it shall be rotated to a different section each year.

VIII. Changes to Constitution & Standing Rules
    A. Changes to Constitution: President shall appoint a Constitutional Committee. The Committee finding will be presented to the Board for approval and then sent of the general members for approval by mail. Balloting shall remain open for a minimum of 2 weeks. Approval shall require 2/3 vote of ballots returned.
    B. Changes to Standing Rules: Changes will be approved by 2/3 vote of the Board.   

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